5 Kitten Come Out of Their Shells Together When They Realize They are in Good Hands

A litter of five kittens were brought to the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana after they were found outside without a mother.

They were born to a barn cat, who left them one day and never came back for them. “They were unsocialized so they arrived scared and hissy, and would cuddle together and collectively hiss at me when I got close to them,” Kelsey Minier, a foster volunteer of the shelter, shared with Love Meow.

Kelsey set up a comfortable and quiet space for the kittens to relax and decompress, and provided plenty of food at their disposal.

The kittens were around four weeks old and all came with black and white markings that resemble those of a cow. They were very timid and huddled up in a corner of their foster room, trying to keep each other safe and comforted.

Kelsey saw right through their fearful exterior and knew they just needed some time to learn to trust. Slowly but surely, the kittens (Gal Galloway, Angus, Holly Holstein, Dexter, and Blue) began to come out of their shells.

“It took a couple of days for them to warm up to me. I made sure to hold each one separately and give them cuddles, so they knew they were safe in my hands or arms,” Kelsey told Love Meow.

When one of the kittens mustered the courage to approach Kelsey, and took a leap of faith to trust, the rest of the clowder decided to follow suit. One after another, they all trickled down to their foster mom’s feet to be petted and doted on.

“Every time I go into the room, I announce myself in the same voice and say ‘Good morning,’ even if it is the afternoon, and then I feed them so we have gotten into a pattern of positivity and things they like.

“They no longer hiss at me, and they come running when they know I am in the room.”

In just one week, these formerly frightened kittens have transformed into happy, brave, and affectionate furballs.

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