A Cat That Has Spent Time In And Out Of Shelters Is Looking For A Home Who Understands Her

A calico cat’s life has been full of ups and downs of emotions since she was handed to Hamilton Animal Services in Ontario, Canada, when she was between 3 and 4 years old.

Her previous owners apparently couldn’t stand the notion of her peeing outside the litter box and opted to surrender her to the shelter. Salty Animal Rescue co-founders Katelyn and Karly Saltarski embraced her with open arms.

The cat named Lily was a little hesitant at first, and it took a few days for her to feel at ease and display her beautiful nature. The rеscuе center had this to say:

“She was relocated for urinating outside the litter box. Previous owners felt it might be due to being treated unfairly by their other cat.”

Lily was adơрted for the second time after a brief stay at the shelter, but she was returned after a year. The rеscuе crew had this to say about it:

“Her litter box issue has persisted, and her adơрters believe she would be a better fit for another home.”

This is, unfortunately, the most typical reason for cat relocation. Lily has now reached the age of five. He deserves the finest everlasting home, as this is his second migration.”

Lily is an adorable cat who loves to have her chin and belly stroked, she enjoys having all the attention so her keepers are doing their best to find her a home where she is the only pet in the house.

She only need a little patience and understanding; she is a loving cat who wishes to spend the rest of her life with a genuine family, who does not give up after the first disappointment but is willing to assist her in overcoming her sandbox problem.

“Lily has a calico demeanor at times, but if she’s at ease in her surroundings, she’s the loveliest fluffy chonk you’ll ever meet.

She’s your typical sleepy home cat that prefers to spend her time curled up and sleeping down when she’s not kneading.”

This lovely kitten enjoys being in peaceful situations and kneading on a nice blanket; she is a purring machine who will not miss the chance to lie on your legs and be pampered for a whole afternoon.

Watching bird movies on a computer in the company of his human companions is one of his favorite pleasures.

Her rеscuеrs feel that her litter box issue will improve with time; all you have to do now is be patient and continue to encourage her through this process.

“Lily came to us fairly overweight, and we’re hoping that with some hard work, she’ll be able to shed those additional pounds.” This may even aid in the solution to the litter box issue!”

After a couple of trips in and out of the shelter, Lily hasn’t had the greatest of success. She is, however, more than eager to go to a permanent home where she will be accepted and loved completely. His carers made the following observations:

“She needs a permanent home with someone who will help her with whatever difficulties she may have and embrace her for who she is: a regular kitten.”

Lily only wants to be welcomed and loved. I wish everyone realized that each rеscuеd kitten’s world is unique, and that they all have a past with often permanent traces.

We hope she finds that special family who loves her and recognizes the wonderful in the everyday soon.

All furry creatures have the right to live in a world where they are loved and respected. Adopt a life and change it!

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