A cat who was just skin and bones,walked up to people asking for help.In just a month,she made an incredible transformation.

A cat who was just skin and bones, walked up to people asking for help. In just a month, she made an incredible transformation.

A cat who was just skin and bones, walked up to people asking for help. In just a month, she made an incredible transformation.

The next day, Papaya was taken to the vet to be examined (she was also tested for thyroid and ringworm). The tabby was scruffy and skinny but showed a strong will to live. Despite having difficulty breathing, she used every ounce of her strength to eat.

“She was one of the sickest cats I have seen, pouring out mucus. She wouldn’t have survived much longer (outside).”

As she regained her voracious appetite, her energy level soared, and her beautiful personality emerged.

Papaya became very affectionate towards people. Whenever volunteers offered some head scritches, she would melt into their hand and purr up a storm.

By the end of the month, she made a full recovery and was spayed and ready to find a loving home where she could be the center of attention.

When Papaya arrived in foster care, awaiting her forever home, she decided to wriggle her way into everyone’s heart.

Every day Papaya smothered her foster carers with endless snuggles. She liked to be up close and personal with her foster mom, lying on her face or neck as it made her feel safe and loved.

When she cuddled her people, she would stretch her toes, kneading away in bliss.

Papaya was in rough shape when she was found. Now, she has blossomed into quite the stunner and found the family of her dreams.

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