A Cop Saves A Cat Stranded On A Highway Barrier And Adopts Her

Jason Smith, a kind-hearted police officer of the North Kansas City Police Department, had no clue that seeing a fluffball abandoned on a highway barrier would transform his life. The dramatic moment when the compassionate officer saves the cat was captured on tape, and it’s worth seeing.

Officer Smith was patrolling the six-lane highway when he saw a tiny, terrified kitten stranded in the highway divider. Without any hesitation, the cop pulled over and carefully approached the helpless kitten. “Here kitty kitty kitty,” the man said while approaching the terrified little feline.

He lifted the cat, who didn’t seem too enthused about the whole scenario, but things were soon to change.

She leapt and rubbed herself on the cop as soon as he placed the cat on the car’s floor. Smith returned with her to the station before transporting her to a rescue shelter.

The compassionate employees at the shelter cleaned the kitten up, fed her, and she finally took her long-awaited slumber.

Officer Smith returned to the shelter a few days later to see how his small cat was doing. The officer found at the shelter that no one claimed the kitten as their own. To the caring animal lover, the best course of action was obvious. He brought her home and named her Bella since she was such a lovely little creature.

Smith already had two kittens from a shelter and a dog from a shelter. The man’s senior cat, Mocha, had recently gone away, and he had space in his heart for another kitty. Apparently, his dogs thought so, too, since Bella fit right in with his gang.

Watch the heartwarming moment the cop rescues the cat in the video below:

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