A Fallen Whisker or Two Becomes a Wearable Tribute to Feline Family Members

The hardest part of loving pets is that we have to say goodbye someday. When that happens, we want a way to hold onto our loved one’s memory, if only in a small way. Artist Jen Glick of “Volana Kote” in Wilmington, Delaware, has found a unique art form, helping people do just that. She’s incorporating tiny things, a whisker, nail sheaths, some fur, or ashes from a pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge into custom jewelry. 

When we lose a beloved pet, holding something so small as a whisker can help in the grieving process. Crisscrossed whiskers encased permanently in waterproof resin take on new life, almost like crystalline structures. The artist calls them the “ultimate wearable tribute honoring your own four-footed friend.”

While things like fur or a whisker don’t seem very important while pets are with us, a tiny tangible connection when they are gone takes on a sudden new meaning. 

When people send her their carefully collected whiskers or other tiny treasures, Glick often ‘meets’ the beloved pets corresponding with pictures and words so she knows their personalities. It can be a touching and emotional experience for all involved.

For example, Zach the Maine Coon passed away, and the artist worked with his Mommy to create the perfect tribute. 

After learning more about Zach in a video, she made jewelry to match his eyes and incorporated a tiny amount of ashes from Zach and his cat siblings, who had passed away before him. What a beautiful tribute for Zach’s mom to always be able to wear.

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