A Pair Of Kittens Found Near The Road Look After One Another And Insist On Staying Together

Two extremely small kittens that had been abandoned the day after their birth were reported to North Carolina’s Sparkle Cat Rescue, an all-volunteer animal welfare group. According to jail volunteer Sarah Kelly, “They were found two, without a mother, along the roadside.”

A qualified nurse was urgently required to assist kittens. The kittens were sent across the state to foster care in North Carolina when Sparkle Cat Rescue volunteers got to work.

These three-colored sisters struggled since they were so frail and little that they essentially were unaware of their mother’s care.

Sarah began to feed the little ones through the nipple by the clock. The kittens quickly warmed up in a comfortable incubator (maintaining their body temperature is normal) and fell asleep soundly after eating.

“We chose the names Moon and Sun for them, after their opposite light and dark facial markings.”

The sisters clung to one another like two pairs of boots from the start. Nobody could explain how the tenacious girls were able to exist without a mother on the streets, but it was their mutual support, not anything else, that let them get through this challenge as they waited for assistance.

Due to inflammation, Luna required further assistance with one of her eyes. Throughout the course of the therapy, the sun was always there to reassure her sister.

“Their bond is special. When the body of the one-week-old Luna overcame a serious eye infection, we realized how important the protection and support of her sister was for the kitten, ”says Sarah.

“She always fell asleep on top or with her paw on her sister. All this week the happy and cheerful Sun has been caring and vigilant. They are a cute duo and love each other very much!”

Luna soon healed by relying on her sister at all times. Her little eye sparkled and started to enlarge.

She could now see the world and her dear companion clearly.

“Baby Sun is sunny, happy and positive, like her name. She is groovy and constantly purrs. She likes to roll onto her back to be kissed and stroked on her tummy. She moves her paws all the time, and we can’t look at her without smiling,” says Sarah.

Sunny Girl is her sister’s best support group. She is always in a good mood and curious about everything that surrounds her.

Miss Luna is suitably titled because of her reserve and gentle demeanor. She is stoically gorgeous, powerful, and adaptable. The little golden crescent on her brow is beautiful. Sweet, brave, and utterly endearing girl!

The kittens were relocated to a different playpen when they were about ready to learn how to walk. The moon felt safe when the sun put a paw on her sister.

Close sisters started exploring the new habitat with excitement. They limped around the entire perimeter, peering into every crevice. They hardly missed each other, found each other again, and then traveled together once again.

Every day, the sun continues to lavish love on his sister. Before bed, they encircle the moon with their paws, and during the day, they provide bear hugs.

Even during competitions, the sun finds an excuse to embrace the moon.

The best friends are getting more and more frisky and are already wreaking havoc around the playpen.

Whatever they do, they do it as a duo.

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