A Rejected Tiger Cub Finds Solace in a Puppy’s Embrace and Forms an Unbreakable Friendship

When left alone in the wild, baby animals cannot fend for themselves without the guidance and care of their mothers. In the event that they are abandoned by their mothers or herds, these little ones will face numerous challenges such as dehydration, starvation, and danger from predators and human beings. While some may hold out until they receive assistance, unfortunately, not all of them are able to make it through on their own.

Fortunately, Hunter the adorable tiger cub didn’t have a tragic fate. The little furball was actually born at The Farm Inn Hotel – a sanctuary for wildlife – located in Pretoria, South Africa. Sadly though, Hunter’s mother displayed aggressive behavior towards him just a few days after he was born and eventually rejected him. This caused both physical and emotional pain to the helpless cub. According to Anthea Michaletos, a volunteer at the sanctuary, they suspect that Hunter was born during a time when his mother felt compromised in some way, leading her to reject him.

The Farm Inn is the source of the adorable image credits. Hunter and Chelsea, who are only three weeks apart in age, have developed a strong bond. They enjoy each other’s company, engaging in activities such as eating, sleeping, and playing together. Among their favorite pastimes is wrestling, where they push each other over and jump on each other. This playful duo, consisting of a tiger cub and a puppy, enjoys being monitored by their caretaker while having loads of fun.

At The Farm Inn, Chelsea is a faithful friend to Hunter as she never forgets to visit his cage every morning to say hello. Their bond is unbreakable, as Hunter even experiences a sense of sadness when they have to part ways. It’s unfortunate that their friendship may not last long due to Hunter’s age limit, but for now, they remain the closest of buddies. This heartwarming story was shared by Huffpost.

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