A Stray Cat Approaches Rescuers And Leads Them To Her Three Helpless Kittens

Every mother’s instinct is to protect her children, whether human or animal and what this cat did in New South Wales, Australia, is an excellent example of what a mother can do to save her creatures.
A passerby noticed a family of cats by the side of the road, consisting of a mother and her three kittens.

He immediately contacted CatRescue 901, a Terrey Hills-based rescue organization. When the rescuers came, the cat approached them and brought them to her three babies. She was skin and bones, and she had plainly done everything she could to feed and protect her animals.

The four cats needed medical care, and when they arrived at the shelter, it was obvious they were starving. Upon assessing their condition, the vets realized that the three kittens had eyelid agenesis, a congenital condition that caused them to have no eyelids, and would have led them to blindness if they didn’t receive proper treatment.

They were fed and bathed, and allowed to rest on comfortable beds. Medication was also administered and the feline mom, Elodie, was faring better, especially after being spayed.

Jenny, the founder of the rescue group, stated that they were in the right location at the right moment. “Not many people could afford eye agenesis surgery since it’s so costly,” she explained. The path to recovery is still ahead of them, but what matters is that their mother, Elodie, is certain that they are in excellent hands.

This is Elodie, a feline mom who tried her best to keep her kittens fed and safe, but was clearly struggling to go on.

When a stranger called the rescuer from CatRescue 901, she walked up to her heroes, and led them to where her kittens were.

They appeared to be kind and harmless.

However, a closer examination revealed that they need emergency medical help.

They were all suffering from a disorder known as ocular agenesis, which might lead to blindness if not treated promptly.

Once brought to the shelter, they were bathed, fed, and allowed to have proper rest.

They were fortunate to arrive at the correct location at the right moment.

Eyelid agenesis is a problem that few rescue organizations can handle.

The path to recovery is still lengthy, but they are now secure and being cared for by a professional and kind team.

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