A Stray Cat Arrives At Her Door With Her Young Asking For Help

Mothers are constantly aware of what is best for their families, and this also applies to animals.

A stray cat by the name of Mama Ally recently made the decision that she’d had enough of the streets and moved her family to a location where she knew they’d be safe.

The mother cat and her two fluffy, white kittens stood in a line on the doorway of a family’s house in North Carolina and peered inside through the glass, wanting to be recognized.

When the homeowner saw Mama Ally with her months-old kittens, she called Sparkle Cat Rescue for help. The rescue stepped in to trap the little family and bring them to safety. But it didn’t take long for them to realize that Mama Ally had one more surprise in store — she was pregnant.

The rescue reached out to their partner, Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, and founder Sarah Kelly about fostering Mama Ally. Kelly immediately agreed to find a comfortable home where the cat could spend her final trimester in comfort.

And Mama Ally made sure to thank her new humans when she arrived.

When Kelly brought the foster child home, “she was immediately seeking for attention from her foster, Monica,” Kelly told The Dodo. She adores to cuddle up wherever she can get the closest—in her lap, on her arm, etc.! If she leaves the house, she will spend the day sleeping on her shoes or items of clothes that smell like her. She adores affection and other people.

As the weeks went by, Mama Ally continued to show why she is Mother of the Year.

Finding homes for Mama Ally and her five young kittens is all that remains now that their elder, bonded kittens have all been adopted. The fact that they have a bright future is all due to Ally’s ability to recognize when assistance was needed.

“Mama Ally is doing great and soaking up all the baby snuggles — and the TLC from her foster,” Kelly said. “We could not be any more thrilled for this family who is getting the second chances and happily-ever-afters they deserve.”

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