A Ten Day Old Kitten Takes The Nanny By The Hand As A Token OF Gratitude For All The Help

Only ten days old, Onion Kitten was in desperate need of assistance when she was rescued by Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, California.

“She was discovered on Thursday night by herself. According to Caroline Grace, the founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, the finders waited for the mother cat, but she sadly did not show.

They then attempted to care for a newborn kitten but were unsuccessful in doing so. As Lukovichka’s health worsened, animal rights campaigners were needed for assistance. Rushing her inside, Caroline started her on critical care.

The fluffy baby was covered in fleas, with a large scab under the right armpit, and with inflammation. “Lukovichka was severely dehydrated, crying incessantly in pain due to stomach problems.”

Despite all that the girl had to endure, she went on the mend with antibiotics, droppers and nutritional supplements that helped her to hold on while the intestines were treated.

“Within a few hours, I saw her condition improve. She had not mastered the nipple yet, but she ate well at every feeding, ”says Caroline.

Having experienced the first surge of strength, Lukovichka leaned both front paws on the hand of her guardian and even tried to purr. This very tiny creature contained the strongest will to live.

Ana, a volunteer rescuer, then took the kitten in and continued to care for and feed her as needed. Lukovichka used a pacifier and ate well for a week, gradually developing into the silly, brave, and loving child that she is.

When she spotted a bottle, Onion Girl was not afraid to shout to attract attention. She sat on Nanny’s hand, eating contentedly, and pulled her fingers forward with all her strength.

A small bunch of happiness enjoys every second of life, lives to the fullest and fills the room with its incredible purr.

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