After a couple of very early starts all of our little kitten have now opened their eyes and are getting used to the new sensation.

little kitten have now opened their eyes

Hey stop that tickles 

After a couple of very early starts all of our little kitties have now opened their eyes and are getting used to the new sensation.

They’re also starting to try clean themselves, which is always fun to see, but haven’t quite worked out how to coordinate between their heads and the body parts to be washed.

Check out cute tortie girl Tora being the first kitten to give it a try in my story to see what I neem 

Happy tongue out Tuesday  @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Yesterday mama Lillian decided she no longer liked the pen her babies spent their first 10 days in and decided to move them to the other birthing spot I had set up for her.

Unfortunately that one didn’t please her either so she tried to move everyone behind the sofa.

So I arranged her orginal pen to remove the big cardboard box and give her a set up more suited to older baby kittens.

That stopped the babies making noise against the box which will hopefully help them settle to sleep a bit quicker.

Lilli had to learn how to get in and out of her new pen by jumping over the sides and I was very nervous about where the babies might be this morning.

But so far so good and Lilli seems happy with her new option.

Here’s hoping it stays that way till I need to make the pen bigger when the babies need more room @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Hey stop that tickles  # Ruri #Esmee #lilli

Ginger cutie Ruri and sweet little Esmee seem to think they’re too old to washed by mama Lillian.

I doubt they’ll manage to convince Lilli though so they may as well get used to it even if they both do look like they’re saying ‘mum you’re embarrassing me’ 

Our six little cuties are three weeks old today so we’ve hit the fun active but uncoordinated stage 

Happy weekend  @nxxbliss.fosters said.

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