Blind rescue kitten thrilled when finally adopted by someone who thinks she’s beautiful

BlinԀ rescue kitten thrilled when finally adopted by someone who thinks she’s beautiful

Meet Morwen! She’s a beautiful, blinԀ 1-year-old rescue kitty from Georgia. Before she found herself in a loving home, poor Morwen was a victim of cruelty and neglect. Despite how unfair life had been to her, she persevered!

Morwen’s journey is a true testament to her strength. Tati Romeo, Morwen’s mom and director of Lost Cats Georgia, tells us all about her special girl in the story below.

Morwen was rescued from a hoarding situation in horriblḙ health. Both of her eyes rupt.u.r.e.e dµe to a sḙ u.ρρḙг rḙ.sρiratory infḙction and had to be rḙmoved, leaving her blinԀ.

All of the cats from the hoarding case were adopted except Morwen. That all changed when Tati Romeo met her

“The first time I laid eyes on her, I fell in love!” Tati said, “In fact, she bewitched me, which is why I named her, “Morwen.” ”

She’s named after a famous witch with 8 cats from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

“I believe cats like Morwen are extra special, not special needs. I prefer the extra special ones. All three of my cats have impaired sight, but they don’t let anything stop them.”

Morwen is feisty and fearless. She’s the boss of the house and puts her brother and sister in their place.

“When I first adopted her, she had a Ԁifficult time climbing and was often too hesitant to even try. I bought stairs to assist her so she could easily climb on the couch, bed, and cat tree.”
“I can proudly say she can now climb to the very top of our six foot tall cat tree and perch there without a care in the world.”

She’s very secure, isn’t afraid, and doesn’t let being blind stop her!
Tati almost lost vision in 2014. It was a very scary time for her.

“I had to come to the realization I may become completely blin.d.”

Thankfully, she was able to have the necessary brain surgery which saved her vision.

“Because of what I went through, I feel a special connection to Morwen.” Tati shared, “She lost her sight, but it never stopped her from living her best life. She has taught me a lot and reminds me of how appreciative I am. I am very grateful to be her caregiver. “

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