Cat Adopts A Stray Kitten From The Garden And Brings Him Inside

On a lovely farm in the Netherlands, Klarieke resides with her family. While traveling in Greece, they acquired three lovely cats and gave them the names Jack, Louis, and Stavros. They believed that having just these three animals at home would be sufficient, but they were mistaken.

A timid, thin cat showed up in his backyard a little more than a month ago. On one of her excursions to the yard, the woman saw Stavros and the small cat, who appeared to be excellent friends. At the time, she wasn’t sure whether she even had a home.

“Stavros was severely ill and lived on the streets. A Dutch girl who visits Zakynthos every summer came to his aid. We chose to adopt him since he was searching for a home in Holland (for the cat). This is the last cat; three is plenty, my husband and I stated to each other.

The kitten used to wander into the family’s garden and hide among the tomato plants, eventually making its way to the shed while being watched closely by Stavros.

The family noticed the friendship of the two felines, sharing fun moments of play and taking a nap together; the kitten felt safe next to Stavros.

Klarieke was pleasantly delighted to find the small cat with them one day as they were having dinner. She patiently allowed the kitten to eat until he was full, and she appeared pleased to know that her little companion would not go hungry that night. Stavros didn’t seem to mind at all that she was eating off of his dish.

After that, Klarieke made the decision to make an additional plate of food, and the young child gradually overcome his shyness and came over to the family to eat and receive some love.

The lady wrote:

“In the shed, I gave the kitten his own feeding bowl, but when he spotted me, he bolted. He must have been so ravenous that he took a chance entering to eat.

No one came to collect the kitten during this period, and each day he appeared to be more at ease at Klarieke’s home. They gave him the name “Charlie,” and despite the fact that he was hesitant around his new human family, Charlie followed Stavros and tried to mimic everything he did.

Added Klarieke

The kitten began spending more time with Stavros in the shed throughout the day since he treated him like a parent.

After a few weeks, Charlie made the decision to enter the house with Stavros’ encouragement. Stavros stayed at Charlie’s side while he strolled around the house.

Assured by Klarieke:

“We can now formally announce that Charlie has joined us and that we now have four cats. When dinnertime arrives, he enters the kitchen and allows us to pet and even embrace him.

Charlie had no idea how to use the litter box at first, so everything was unfamiliar to him. However, with time, he grew accustomed to everything in the house. Klarieke thinks Stavros was the one who led him and assisted him at every turn.

The young child was also transported to the veterinarian, who checked on his well-being.

Charlie still enjoys spending time in the shed with his best friend, and is slowly becoming more accepting of his humans. He is happy to have this great family and the support that Stavros always offers him.

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