Cat Comforts Orphaned Kitten And Teaches Hiim To Cuddle Every Day

Earlier this year, an animal rescuer, Moonglade Rose, found a tiny kitten who was very distressed and in urgent need of medical attention.

She took the kitten to the vet where he received the necessary treatment, he was very shaken by the ordeal and Moonglade decided to take him home with her.

She named him Opie and was wondering how her other cat, Andy, who was also a rescue, would react to the tiny new arrival in the house.

As soon as Andy heard the little one squeak he came running to see who was making the noise. The older tabby immediately wrapped his arms around Opie and started grooming him, as if to reassure him that everything was going to be alright.

“Andy welcomed him immediately and wouldn’t stop hugging him and kissing him,” she explained.

He stayed with him all the night and protected him like all big brothers should. Being a rescue cat himself, he knew exactly what to do.

Moonglade continued to care for him and would get up every few hours at night to feed the kitten. And after every meal, Opie would crawl up onto her chest, curl up into a little ball of fur and fall asleep purring.

Andy was never far from the kitten, keeping him and his human mom company all night.

He gives his new brother lots of love and has taught him how to use the litter box, how to hunt and play, and the most important thing – how to cuddle!

Six weeks down the line and Opie and Andy are closer than ever, Moonglade is so happy to have this new addition to the family.

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