Cat Goes Out On An Adventure, Comes Back With A ‘Receipt’ For Three Fish Around His Neck

A little cat living Thailand decided to leave his home and embark on a short but fruitful adventure.

The adventurous tabby disappeared for three whole days, before finally sauntering back home and acting as if he’d only been away for a few minutes.

The cat looked quite pleased with himself, and his family soon discovered that it wasn’t just the rush of having been on an adventure that had left him so satisfied.

Around his neck hung a little note, and when his family read it, they learned that their kitty had been living a life of luxury and had been treating himself to some fishy delicacies.

The note was written by a vendor at the local fish market and, translated into English, it went something like this: “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three.”

The vendor had also written down her contact info so the family knew where to find her.

The little kitty had been racking up a debt, and he seemed to be more than comfortable with letting his family foot the bill.

His family was luckily amused by the situation.

On Facebook, they posted a picture of the kitty and his note and captioned it “Gone 3 days, back with debts” and added a laughing smiley.

It’s great that they’re fine with paying off the tabby’s debts, because now that he knows how to get his paws on some delicious fish, we’re guessing this won’t be the last time he brings back a bill.

Many people have gotten a good laugh out of this story.

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