Cat jumps straiight into hiis ownr’s arms after being for 536 days

What a wonderful heartwarming story…! So so happy for them & Cat.

So happy this sweet Kitty and its owner Are reunited once again!

The story about a cute orange boy named Cat went viral, for the adorable feline went mi.ssing and didn’t come home for 536 days straight. His owners – Mindy and Luke Criner – were just beginning to hope when Cat finally reappeared in their lives, purring and meowing for their attention.

The feline was adopted from the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Virginia and was very shy at first. They are adopted a cat named Cat in June of 2015.
Mindy said: He went mi.ssing in the beginning of May, he would go out for a little while during the day if it was nice and He didn’t come home for dinner, By morning I was in full pa.nic mode.

The Criner family immediately spread the word about their missing furry friend on & Found Pets – Hampton Roads, VA, Facebook page. They put posters at the local grocery store, ve.ts offices, shelters, and in the neighborhood.
After a few months of nightly walks calling and praying animal control or the shelter would call, they are started to hope.

Every night, Mindy and Luke would walk around their neighborhood in hopes of finding Cat but were unsuccessful.
Then on Halloween day, 536 days after he disa.ppeared, they are got a voicemail from Animal Control and an email from the microchip company saying he had been found!
Turns out, a man was taking care of Cat for a whole year…!

The gentleman didn’t even know microchips existed. He kept Cat at his house until theycould be contacted.
When Mindy drove to the man’s house, she was met by Cat who instantly started purring after seeing her. Immediately, the cat jumps straight into his owner’s arms
Fantastic reunion for Cat and his family

How happy he must have felt& safe to finally find his care giver& love & kindness giver! So happy you have been reunited with your sweet Kitty again.

That’s so sweet and heartwarming, we love good endings like this, it makes me jump for joy knowing her beloved cat return after so long. They are family.

So happy the cat is back with its family after a long time away…!!! God Bless you both

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