Cat Throws Temper Tantrum If His Dad Doesn’t Cuddle Him Before Work Every Day

Around ten years ago, Faith Linderman discovered Tigger behind a vehicle in the parking lot next to her former workplace. Tigger adapted to his new home admirably as soon as she made the decision to adopt him. Everyone in his family, notably Linderman’s father, captured his heart.

Tigger and his father have an extremely unique relationship. More than anything else, he adores snuggling with his father; in fact, it has become a crucial component of his morning ritual.

Tigger looks forward to his father waking up each morning to give him breakfast. After finishing getting ready for work and eating his own breakfast, his father lays down on the couch about 7:30 a.m. to watch the news and snuggle with Tigger before leaving for work.

He spends at least 30 minutes cuddling, according to Linderman. Additionally, Tig will simply sit on his brother Boots until he moves if he attempts to arrive there first. That man is his father.

As soon as his dad leaves for work, Tigger will go off and find a place to hang out until his dad finally comes home again. Once he’s home and sitting down, Tigger will jump back into his lap for more cuddles.

His cuddle time with Dad is very important to him — and if, for some reason, it can’t happen in the morning because his dad is running late, he will pout for the entire day.

“He will sit in the living room, hold his eyes shut and just open his mouth like he is meowing but nothing comes out,” Linderman said.

“We tell him he will be back and he will open his eyes, but it always looks like he was crying. My dad will come home, pick him up and ask him if we picked on his baby boy and Tig will just rub his face all over Dad’s. He definitely has a special bond with my dad.”

When Tigger’s routine is disrupted, he greatly detests it. In order to make up for it, he may occasionally demand hugs from other family members, but in reality, he is simply waiting for his father to return home so he can reclaim his spot on his lap.

Tigger is a very loving cat that despises being left alone for any length of time. His father, who is reputed to be one of the finest cuddlers in the entire world, is very dear to him.

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