Cat With Heart On Her Chest Has Spent Her Whole Life In The Shelter

Muffy doesn’t precisely show her emotions in a public way. She doesn’t wear clothes since she is a cat.

The black and white cat does, however, have a stunning heart-shaped marking on her breast.

You’ll undoubtedly fall head over heels in love, we wager. Which is great news for Muffy, who is looking for a very special someone to call her own.

Muffy is about 2 years old and sweet, but has a reticent personality. She’s spent nearly all of her young life thus far in the Converse Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter just outside San Antonio, Texas.

Kennel manager Leah Carlisle tells The Dodo that Muffy first arrived in May 2014 – she was brought in by a local resident who’d found her and two kitten siblings in his yard.

The two others were less striking looking, but more outgoing, and quickly got adopted.

Muffy, however, tends to hide in her cage. Because of that, she has been overlooked.

“She’s very timid,” says Carlisle. “She’s very shy.”

Muffy might live in the same place forever. She is pampered and protected in the shelter.

According to Carlisle, some of the local cats have lived there for as long as 13 years. One likes to loiter by the reception desk and extends his paw out to slap onlookers until they pet him.

Long-term employees may develop close bonds with them as well. However, they continue to hold out hope that Muffy and the others will be chosen. That is best for everyone’s hearts as well as the welfare of the animals.

Carlisle responds, “Of course I hope she gets a home.” We sincerely hope that every single animal at our shelter can find a loving home.

The shelter has many resident cats that have been there for over a decade. As attached as the staff are, they hope these kitties can also have a chance at their forever homes.

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