Cole Furever: Fans ‘Heartwarming Stories of Adopting Black Cats Because of Cole

As our followers know, Cole & Marmalade said farewell to Cole on October 10, 2021. We want you to know his passing was peaceful after putting up a brave fight against cancer. More will be shared from Cole’s family in the coming days as they grieve the loss of a cat who remains an international internet star and very much changed the world in nine all-too-short years.

To our fans, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the overwhelming love and support you continue to show us. Now, Cole’s impact and legacy will continue in our efforts to encourage cat rescues, TNR programs, and adoptions, particularly for black cats like Cole. 

“This is the reason we started it all,” says Jessica Josephs of the many adoptions Cole inspired over the years.

We know Cole’s life and memory will continue to help combat the harmful, false, and illogical superstitions about black cats.  

Although we said goodbye too soon, Cole’s story shows without a doubt that black cats bring LUCK. And, the best part is the luck he will continue to bring to other black cats each day going forward from now. Thanks to Cole’s life story, a black cat long overlooked in a shelter may find the loving forever home they deserve. 

From there, the love grows exponentially, and really what legacy could be better than that? Cole was a rescued cat who will continue to rescue other cats and bring love and light to people into the foreseeable future. It’s amazing and humbling to think about.

  Cole Inspired So Many People to Adopt and Care for Cats  

On our Facebook page, Cole’s dad Chris Poole asked, “How many people adopted a black kitty because of Cole?” The immediate responses from thousands of people have been so touching, moving us to a “happy cry” as we poured over them. 

Thank you for sharing how much Cole meant to you and these beautiful fur babies who are now giving and receiving love each day as a result! 

Heartwarming Comments from Our Amazing Followers

Below, we share just a sample of the thousands of comments from all over the world that we received. Thank you, thank you, thank you for each comment, and to see them all, please check out the Facebook post here. 

Miranda Trombly shared:

“Cole is the reason I learned black cats were the least adopted at shelters. I ran out and adopted this adorable little panther, Kirk; who was returned to the shelter twice before I adopted him! He has been living his best life since. So sorry for your loss. Cole was an amazing ambassador for Black Cats around the world. He will be greatly missed by all.”

Cole has passed over the rainbow bridge, but he’s with us furever. 

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