Doby Reigning Happily Over His Wobbly Kingdom

Doby is a special kitten. He was born with mild cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) and a cleft nose. Because of his CH, he’s a bit wobbly. The cutie looks like a bobble-head toy when he’s focused on something.

 Doby popped up on Instagram around 2017, and our lives have never been the same.

Doby lived in a cat sanctuary when he was a very small kitten. He was bonded with a blind kitten that was adopted. And because of this, the sanctuary worried that he would be stressed without his friend. That’s where Friends for Life Rescue Network came in.

Doby’s little cleft nose means that he is more prone to nasty infections and is slow to respond to treatment. This is especially important because his breathing is hampered by his double-snoot. Doby’s foster and the rescue group treated him for multiple infections that kept him from being adopted for months after we fell in love with this little guy. Finally he was given the all clear just before we were due to move across the country.

Our little man is an expert traveler. He has driven across the country from California to New York. He has also flown the same distance back when we returned to California. He’s come such a long way from being a scared and anxious kitten.

But now he is the Wobble King of our house with his sisters Jet and Luna. Doby is happy and chatty and loves chin scratches at bedtime. His hobbies include bird-watching, wobble gymnastics, destroying feather toys, eating as many treats as he can sucker Meowmy into giving him, and singing.

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