Every Night, Cat Sneaks Into His Neighbors’ House to Sleep With Them

When the weather is beautiful outside, John and Alex Sanders prefer leaving the door open to take in the fresh air. They were sitting indoors with the door wide open about six months ago when a cat appeared out of nowhere, welcomed them, and made himself at home.

John Sanders told The Dodo, “He simply strolled in like he owned the business.”

The pair discovered Tigger’s name on the cat’s tag and called his family. They discovered that Tigger lived a block away and was an excellent neighborhood scout. Tigger was reunited with his family, and the couple assumed that was the end of the story, but Tigger had other ideas.

“He came back the next day, and he’s been coming back every day since,” Sanders added.

Tigger now sees his new closest buddies on a daily basis, generally twice a day, and frequently returns for sleepovers. Tigger’s royal family has almost accepted that he would do anything he wants, and he selected the Sanders as his second family for whatever reason.

“Tig’s self-imposed routine is as follows: he used to only go there at night, between 9 and 11 p.m., and he used to spend the entire night there. “Alex would let him out for coffee,” Sanders added. “Now that we are at home during COVID, he visits us between the hours of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m., and he still visits us at night. There are days when we don’t see it, but they are few and far between. “We see it at least twice a day, every day.”

Initially, the two attempted to train Tigger to return to his family at night, but they ultimately gave up and decided to let Tigger sleep wherever he pleased. They are always listening for Tigger’s meow, even when the door is locked, to be let in when he arrives.

“His parents have stated that Tig is true to himself and has chosen us,” Sanders added. “They’ve stated that they’re just glad he’s warm and secure and isn’t out on the streets.”

The couple has no idea why Tigger has picked them and continues to sneak home for nights and family events, but they are ecstatic. They adore Tigger to the point where he’s practically become a member of their family, and Tigger wouldn’t have it any other way.

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