For The 15th Birthday The Family Organizes A Party For The Beloved Cat

Luna’s family chose to adopt her after they came upon her roaming by the side of the road at the age of just 3 weeks. Since then, they have showered her with unending affection, and as her 15th birthday drew near, they made the decision to give her a very unique celebration.

A large celebration called a quinceaera is a cultural custom and rite of passage that occurs when a girl becomes 15 years old. As much as they like and value her, Luna’s family felt that she needed one as well.

“Luna is an absolute sweetheart, loves curling up with people and loves laying on her back on the floor,” Angel Olavarria, Luna’s brother, told The Dodo. “We have spoiled her with abundant love and she has outlived all of our pets. On her 15th birthday we decided to give our little cheese ball a surprise quinceañera.”

Nearly a year prior, Olavarria’s mother had the notion to give Luna a quinceaera and had started making preparations a week earlier. Plenty of food, a cake, decorations, a guest list, and, of course, a birthday girl’s dress were all included.

Olavarria remarked, “My mom discovered the garment on Amazon. When she stated she was going to get a frock for her, “I immediately assumed my mom was joking,” because she never makes fun of our pets.

A pink tablecloth, balloons, and even flowers were in the party area. The family went over and above to show Luna how precious she is to them.

When the big day arrived, Luna’s family put her in her fancy pink dress, sat her at the head of the table, and began celebrating the wonderful 15 years they’ve spent with her. There were 12 family members and friends in attendance, and they partied for three hours, enjoying good company and lots of food, including a traditional tres leches cake.

Even Luna had fun — especially when she got her own special treat.

She was such a good sport throughout that we believe she understood we were honoring her, Olavarria said. “She enjoyed it even more when we opened up a beautiful can of tuna for her,” he continued.

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