Foster Mom Hears Meows Down the Street and Finds Six Kittens in a Trash Can

Kitten season in Florida means kittens are popping up everywhere. And once again we’re seeing more trash can rescues.

A kitten foster mom was accustomed to hearing tiny meows. But one day she kept hearing meows from OUTSIDE the house. Listening closely, she traced the sound coming all the way from the end of the road to her Brandon, Florida-area home.

It was nighttime, but she went out to investigate the meowing sounds. That’s when she found a disturbing but unfortunately all-too-common sight. A litter of six kittens stuffed in a plastic bag and dumped in a trash can. It’s something rescuers see far too often, kittens dumped by people with no empathy or decency. 

As despicable as it is, we must focus on the rescuers who always go to incredible lengths to save such animals. Frequently, there are enormous community efforts to save kittens that have ended up in the trash, trash compactors, or other dangerous places. It’s not that unusual for rescuers to be at the right spot at the right time thankfully, saving kitties with no time to spare. Angels in disguise! We’re inspired every day by the incredible rescuers who move mountains to save animals.

Sometimes, the mama cat inadvertently hides kittens in hazardous spots, but there’s no mistaking that someone put the kittens in the trash bag in this case. Whoever they are, they behaved like real trash, and there’s no way to comprehend it.

Do these little ones look like trash to you?

“To top off a really bad day of rescue work….one of our fosters kept hearing a sound at the end of her road, outside of her house. They went out to investigate and found 6 kittens in a garbage bag!!!! It is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful what humans do to get rid of a “problem,” a problem we alternatively refer to as helpless, innocent lives.

Kittens Rescued from Feral Life

Along with the heartbreaks, rescuers have plenty of celebrations as kittens reach the milestone of finding their furever homes. A Kitten Place has adopted out over 1,500 kittens since beginning in July 2019 with the Purrology Cafe. Their social media shares smiling pictures with happy families adopting cats that will enrich their lives with daily companionship.

The same rescuers from A Kitten Place took in four spicy kittens that Cat Man Chris delivered.  (The rescuers also got the mama cat as well as Chris’s latest catch, Blaze!) They were caught during TNR(trap, neuter, release) for a local feral colony, but now, they will enjoy a lifetime as pampered housecats.

“What the fluff is happening?! These 4 cuties have had a rough couple of days, we trapped them Sunday, and they had to say goodbye to their Mom… they were super scared/spicy at the shelter and were fixed and going to be released back outside (we couldn’t let that happen)… but thankfully A Kitten Place had a foster home they could go to,” Cat Man Chris shared.

Image via FacebookCat Man Chris

“So after releasing all the adult cats from Sunday that were TNR’d, I was the taxi service for them to Brandon… they don’t appreciate how lucky they are yet… they won’t have to deal with the heat, bugs, parasites, nasty humans, predators and hurricane season… they’ll be living the good life, safe indoors from here on out!”

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