Four Kittens Went From Wandering The Streets To Being Cuddled Up And Waiting For Dream Homes

Two worried members of the public noticed a litter of four kittens wandering the streets. Their cat mother was nowhere to be seen, and the rescuers couldn’t abandon the kittens to their fate.

They took the kittens to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (in Virginia) so that they might receive the care they required. Penny Richards, a rescue foster volunteer, brought them home and began to work straight away.

Under all that fluff, the kittens were just three weeks old and were skin and bones. From the beginning, they were a close-knit clowder, as if they were attempting to keep each other company on the voyage.

While her siblings were soundly sleeping, Brook the dilute tortie was awake observing her foster mother.

“The first night was a challenge. They couldn’t latch on to a bottle and couldn’t consume solids since they were too young “Penny said.

“I prepared a creamy slurry out of wet food, and the four of them devoured it. They definitely didn’t know how to consume it correctly, and they were far too young to be eating it.”

Penny remained up all night to make sure the kittens had plenty to eat. “All that mattered was that they had something in their tummies that night.”

The kittens eventually got the hang of the bottle after a lot of practice and were settling in to their new home. They began to gain weight and ate like champions.

Water inspired the names of the cats (Beck, Brook, River, and Bayou). “Bayou has always been my courageous, feisty daughter, and at feeding time, she would scream at the top of her lungs for milk.”

Beck, the smallest kitten, need feeding help for a time before she was strong enough to eat on her own. Her siblings would frequently gather around her and cuddle her, as though to encourage her.

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