Guy Doesn’t Even Own A Cat, Ends Up Finding 5 In His Room, Posts A 2-Year Update On The Cat Family

Some of you may recall a story about a man who came upon a stray cat that had managed to go into his apartment and give birth to four adorable kittens.

Well, he chose to retain them all and has been providing regular updates on how things are doing with the gorgeous 5-piece kitty family, with one of the most noteworthy updates being their 2-year anniversary a few months ago, adding a happy-ever-after note to an already wholesome narrative.

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You may recall a story about a man who discovered a cat (not his) sneaking into his house and giving birth

Paris Zarcilla, a London-based film director and writer, stepped into his apartment over three years ago to find a cat—not his, mind you—who had managed to give birth to four kittens. And to think that all he wanted to do was throw on a sweater and go some errands. That, however, did not occur.

Instead, he put everything on hold and began caring for the new happy family, taking on the role of cat dad. He delivered a short introduction to all of the cats on Twitter after consulting cat protection, vets, and charities, and that was the start of an exciting new experience for everyone involved. He never intended to have cats, but here he is. Having a cat.

Here they are a few years later, celebrating their two-year anniversary as a happy family

In case you missed it, Paris Zarcilla stepped into his room in 2018 to find a stray mama cat with four babies

He’s been updating his Twitter account with photographs and updates over the years, describing life with the pawmily of 5. And, in May of last year, he sent out a tweet commemorating their two-year anniversary, which served as a grand update on how happy their happily-ever-after is. And it’s not over yet!

“Wishing you a happy birthday, my family. I adore you more than you can imagine. You’ve made a huge difference in my life. You have me for the rest of my life. The tweet stated, “X #Caturday #TwoYears.”

The cats are shown on the window sill, napping, sniffing around (food and other objects), being interested, box fun, and many more charming, humorous, and exciting cat stuff throughout his entire Twitter account. When you have five cats, there are plenty of things to do with them.

He ended up finding a forever home for the complete cat family and updating his Facebook page on a daily basis

Meet the entire family at the time of the birth and adoption, one by one

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