In Chronos’ case 1 , everything points to a dental abscess. His mouth’s condition is horrible and it’s not recent. this cat He is missing teeth and other teeth need to be removed.

 Medical emergency  cat
We currently have a cat hospitalized who needs all of us! His name is Chronos, and he is a 6 year old adult cat fighting for his life!

Chronos is really sick, half of his face swollen, his mouth is in a terrible state and swollen, he has accesses and ulcers. He’s also congested and wontt eat. He already got blood work and a snap test done. Fortunately, he is negative for feline AIDS and feline leukemia. However, his kidney values were abnormal 2 days ago.

Lots of test have been done and more are to come. He will need dental surgery as well, but our first step is to stabilize him.

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We have an estimate of $1500+ taxes for the next 48h. We need your help to give our new protégé a chance! He needs our big generous family! Our first miracle 2022 and we ask you to be part of it!

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News from our sweet Chronos.

In Chronos’ case, everything points to a dental abscess. His mouth’s condition is horrible and it’s not recent. He is missing teeth and other teeth need to be removed. He has his dental surgery on February 17.

In talking with the vet, she confirmed that his general condition is better, but his teeth are causing him a lot of pain despite the medication adjustment. He is not eating and the team was installing a nasogastric tube this afternoon. Chronos needs nutrients, he needs to gain some weight and have food to gain strength and have the dental surgery he needs.

We are talking about $800 – $1000 for his surgery.

Who wants to help us get through this tough week? Every dollar counts and there are no small donations, just people with big hearts!

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 had his surgery and everything went relatively well. He only has a few teeth left, only incisors teeth

We thank you so much for trusting us with Chronos’ care, for getting involved in this adventure and for helping!

Many of you are asking about Chronos! Our protégé is doing relatively well, but he still doesn’t eat. We have tried all kinds of food and even chicken baby food. However, his condition is better, he has almost no more nasal discharge and his face has cleared up. After discussing with the veterinarian. It was decided to remove his tube to see if he would eat again without the tube. His foster family started to force-feed him with wet food and he swallows it all without vomiting. Has Mr. Chronos forgotten how to feed himself? We stopped some medications that can decrease his appetite. The vet suggested that he should only take his antibiotic to avoid a new infection and an appetite stimulant. He has his follow-up tomorrow with the vet and we are crossing our fingers that our beautiful Chrons will find his appetite!

Otherwise he is an extremely affectionate cat. He loves everyone and loves to sleep on humans. His foster mom says that he is a purring machine. He purrs as soon as you talk to him, pet him or give him kisses.

Like many of you, we love our Chronos! said

Chronos saw the vet again this week to adjust his medication. His condition is stable, but he still refuses to eat. In fact, he eats what we put the food in his mouth, but he does not eat by himself. He has associated pain with food and will not approach the bowl of food. Another factor to consider is that he has had so many large abscesses that have done significant damages, he doesn’t seem to smell at the moment. He is healing well and hopefully his smell will return soon! We have tried treats, all kinds of kibble, more than 20 kinds of pate, baby food, meat, fish, shrimps and we even bought the food that he used to eat in his old family, Chronos does not eat. His foster family has to feed him a few times a day. We have to be careful when we feed him to keep the experience positive. His foster family pets him, takes breaks and talks to him gently. Otherwise, his overall condition is better. He has started to drink water again which is a big step for Chronos who was not even drinking his bowl of water. We will see the vet again next week for another tube and a follow-up blood work. Why a tube? The force feeding is not really pleasant for Chronos. We can see that he is a little anxious during the feedings and we want to make sure that he doesn’t associate the feedings with pain and refuse to eat for a longer time.

He is a good house cat, really affectionate, and he is not the same cat he was when he arrived. He is more in shape and he was running after the broom when his foster mom is cleaning his recovery room. He is starting to be a cat again!

We will give you news soon about our beloved protégé! said.

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