Jonesy, Named for ‘Alien’ Cat, Delights Rescuers with Silly Antics

Jonesy is a happy kitten with a head tilt. She’s “a little weird and a little graceless,” and that’s just how rescuers from Charlie’s Army in Philadelphia like their kittens! The rescue is named for Charlie, a paralyzed kitten who made a dramatic recovery in 2019 and was adopted by Marie. Now, Charlie’s Army specializes in rehabilitating special needs kittens placed on the euthanasia list at city shelters. 

Last year, a kind woman found Jonesy outside, covered in fleas and ticks. She was wobbly with a head tilt, but after being showered with love for a month, she regained her balance, and her head tilt improved. That’s when Marie took her in and appreciated her unique quirkiness. Later, she discovered that Jonesy is mostly deaf and a petite, playful, independent princess. She entertains herself and her humans with her zany antics.

“Jonesy has been with her finders for about a month, and today she will join me and the rest of the crew at Charlie’s Army HQ!” they shared. “This sweet girl has a head tilt and has been described as a little weird and a little graceless (just how I like them!). She has already seen our veterinarian, and he believes this is just how she is (which is PURRfect in case you were wondering). I have a feeling Jonesy is going to provide a lot of entertainment .”

Jonesy’s name comes from the cat from the Alien anthology, whose human was Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver).

“The ideal family for Jonesy is loving and patient – I sometimes sit with her for 30 minutes while she eats (I do have high hopes that this will improve as she gets bigger). Jonesy is already petite so it’s going to be important that she is given that time to eat. Her family should love her for who she is – a beautiful, cloud-soft, unique animal,” they shared on Facebook.

Surely, the purrfect family is out there who would love to adopt a unique kitty like Jonesy. The 6-month-old cutie is seeking her human family at the time of this writing. She’s one of many adoption-ready kittens at Charlie’s Army. Those in the Philly area can find out more on their Facebook, Instagram, or website.

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