Little Girl Sings To Her Cat as He Passes But Their Special Relationship Lives on

It’s true to say that cats really do become part of the family, so when they pass, their loss is never an easy thing to deal with.

Bailey, star of the hit book ‘Bailey, No Ordinary Cat,’ was 14 when he suffered from kidney failure and passed over the rainbow bridge.

He was very much part of his human family and doted on his sisters as did they with him.

In this touching video we see the moment when one of the sisters, Abby, is singing to Bailey in the final moments of life, a song that she’d been singing to him ever since she learned to talk.

It nearly broke my heart and brought back tear jerking memories of when my 21 year old kitty passed.

Abby is only 4-years-old and the pair have had a close bond ever since she was born, all of her happy memories are full of Bailey.

Please have tissues at the ready…

It’s very sad when you realize that this was the last moment they spent together, at least they both shared this special moment, determined to make every minute count.

I think Bailey knew what was happening and was happy to be in the arms of someone that he cared deeply about.

Here they are when Abby was about 2-years-old:

And then six months later something extraordinary happened, it wasn’t expected but it seemed the right time to open up their hearts and welcome someone else into their family, who by the way has four legs.

“I feel my prayers were answered. I don’t believe in reincarnation but many believe Bailey came back as Carrot.

I do believe in God answering prayers and he answered mine. Carrot healed our broken hearts. We were devastated when we lost Bailey,” said Erin to News4SanAntonio.

I believe that Carrot and the girls will have a wonderful life together and that Bailey will always be in their hearts.

RIP Bailey

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