Long-Lost Cat’s Healing Reunion with Family After Stunning String of Events

In the world of cat rescues, we frequently see heartwarming reunions that happen against all odds and seem designed by fate or guided from above. These reunions often follow great tragedies or natural disasters, followed by a ray of light, a healing moment for families that seems predestined. 

Finding this cat in the nick of time led to many such healing moments that were much-needed. But, be aware, this story might make you shed some tears by the time of the joyful ending.

The big guy’s chip led to his mom Janice over 1.4K miles north in New Hampshire. Thankfully, the contact information worked, and the rescuers got a return phone call, learning the feline went missing four years prior. The family had never left New Hampshire, so it’s a perplexing mystery how he got so far away. Where had he been? Whatever the case, Steve isn’t talking.

As it turns out, the cat was named in honor of a family friend who passed one week before they adopted the kitten for Janice’s grandson Gavin over seven years ago. 

“Tomorrow, Steve will finally fill the hole in Janice’s heart, as we know Gavin will be watching his much loved Steve finally get back home!” shared Pennington with Cole and Marmalade. “I hope this story warms your heart as much as it has ours.” 

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