Loyal to the end: The dog is always beside, comforting and bringing joy to the 90-year-old man in the last days of his life

Meet Henry, an 87-year-old grandpa, and his cherished golden retriever friend named Peyton. Since the day Henry was first introduced to Peyton as a puppy, the pair have been inseparable.

Indeed, with everything Henry does, he keeps dear Peyton in mind — and that includes Halloween.


“We always said that my grandpa looks like [the character] Mr. Fredricksen,” Poulton said.

The resemblance really is quite uncanny — but Henry isn’t the only one with an animated doppelganger. The canine character, Dug, looks a bit like Peyton, too.

With Halloween approaching, “Up” evidently returned to Henry’s mind when it came time to decide on a costume. Sure enough, he opted for one that his beloved dog could be a part of.

Henry and Peyton knocked it out of the park.


The costume couldn’t be more perfect, with the dog’s au-naturel look more than sufficing for her part. But what’s sweeter than the image of them together, is Henry and Peyton’s friendship behind the scenes.

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