Mario the Kitten Levels Up After Officer Helps Him Escape Pipe With a Ladder

A kitten called Mario “levels up” after climbing a ladder to escape a pipe deep underground.

With spring kitten season in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before kittens find themselves in deep trouble, in this case, down an open pipe. Unfortunately, we see this frequently, and it’s a great reminder to cover up drains and pipes so kittens, puppies, and other critters don’t fall inside.

Citizen on a Walk Hears Kitten 5 Feet Underground

In this case, a Good Samaritan, out for a morning walk, discovered the kitten that fell down an open pipe. This kitten was very deep down in the ground. But the little guy meowed for help so loudly that the passerby heard and thankfully investigated.

“A citizen who was out for their morning walk heard the kitten’s cries and called for help. *Purr-fect timing!* Upon his arrival, he found that this kitten had become trapped in an uncapped pipe approximately 5 feet down,” shared the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Made a Ladder for Mario

Ameowzingly, Deputy Jones made a ladder on the spot, and it worked!

“Deputy Jones took quick action and crafted a ladder for the kitten to climb high enough that he was able to bring it to safety.”

“A purr-fect ending! Citrus, you may remember earlier this month when CCSO Deputy Jones saved a kitten from cat-astrophe when he heard something coming from an uncapped pipe. A lot of you asked if he would be adopting this adorable kitten, and we have some good news! The Jones’ recently welcomed Mario into their family!”

In the long run, the best plan is TNR (trap, neuter, return) for local feral cat populations. TNR effectively reduces the number of kittens that find themselves down an open pipe or who-knows-what!. They’re the cutest lil guys but have a knack for effortlessly getting into so many tight spots.

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