Meet A Foster Kitty That Gives The Gutest Smile

Despite all the challenges she endured at the beginning of her life, Blossom the tiny kitten still possesses an unwavering spirit. Recently, Blossom gave her foster mother, Lauren Boutz, the most adorable thank-you smile, which Lauren just had to capture in a photo.

Since Boutz shared the pictures of the grinning cat online, Blossom has become a source of contagious joy for countless people on the internet. The photos have garnered over 72,000 likes and have been shared more than 217,000 times on Facebook, spreading love and positivity to even more people.

Take a moment to scroll down and enjoy these heartwarming photos. Every photo is linked to its source so that you can explore further works of these talented photographers on their collections or personal websites.

The picture credit goes to the artist acidmeri, and it is numbered three in the series.

Boutz uploaded the pictures on her Facebook profile, and it’s no shocker that the online audience immediately fell in love with them. The post has amassed more than 73K likes, 55K comments, and 218K shares in just a week, demonstrating that Blossom’s adorable grin has become an internet sensation.

Gearing up for yet another photoshoot,

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