Meet Ghost and Goblin! These 2 cute kittens babies are going to be crashing with us for the next week or so while a foster gets opened up for them through the ever amazing @therescuehouse 

Meet Ghost and Goblin! These lovely cute kittens babies are going to be crashing with us for the next week or so while a foster gets opened up for them through the ever amazing @therescuehouse 

After a good Samaritan scooped them up when mom went missing, another volunteer in our area reached out to me to see if I could help get them into rescue. Now we’ve got a foster situated and just need to wait until their older babies are all adopted.

These little nuggets are precious beyond compare and have been latching pretty well so far. They are somewhat underweight for their age but remain vocal and active little ones.

At this point, I believe Ghosty is a girl and Goblin is a boy…but those observations aren’t always accurate at this age


 Goblin has a tiny scab from his umbilical cord on his belly, despite being two weeks old, and has a chunkier head than his sister with closed eyes. He seems to be happiest when he’s napping. Ghost is a bit slimmer but the same weight (142g) with open eyes and serious spunk! She wants to scream and explore all day long.

Our tiny Ghosty girl has two whole peepers! The eyeball fairy delivered her left one this morning and she’s beginning to look just a bit like a real cat 

lease enjoy Ghost in all of her milk drunk glory, alongside Goblin’s glorious post-bottle naps. I think I’ll explode if things get much cuter around here. @foster_kitten_factory said.

Target weights and developmental milestones are a great guideline for overall kitten wellness at a certain age…but when they come into foster as small as these two did, every gain matters!

Ghost and Goblin are six weeks old now…can you believe they’ve been with us for a month?! They have all of their baby teeth, solid coordination, play drive, and a very slowly developing interest in big kid food (Ghosty fully refuses wet food but gladly crunches down the kibbles, Goblin is eating bits of both well).

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