Meet Hershey Kiss.He is a tiny 2 week old kitten pulled from animal control before his deadline tonight.He came in with a littermate who was euthanized due to poor quality of life

Hello to anyone who is us late. Please meet Hershey Kiss. He is a tiny 2 week old kitten pulled from animal control before his deadline tonight. He came in with a littermate who was euthanized due to poor quality of life. Hershey Kiss is underweight, dehydrated, lethargic, and suffering from an eye infection. Found outside as a stray.

He got all the critical intake care and refused a first meal. I am going to give the medication and supplements some time to kick in before deciding to tube feed. This little late-season kitten needs every happy thought sent his way.♥️  @themarigoldkittencrew  said.

Little Hershey Kiss is hanging in there.♥️

He still will not eat very willingly, but he does swallow so he is able to get his meals via syringe. I am trying to avoid the tube if at all possible to keep him comfortable, but what’s needed is needed. His weight gain will help me determine if it’s necessary or not.

His little eyes are still horribly swollen and we discovered he’s already got corneal ulcers, which makes me so sad. Ulcers are painful and something I wish a two week old kitten didn’t have to go through. The medication should work quickly to relieve some of that discomfort. @themarigoldkittencrew  said.

Here’s your Hershey Kiss update! His eyes are lookin a whole lot better. He still has an ulcer in his right eye, but that should be healing now that his eye isn’t sealed shut and filled with pus.

This boy will. not. eat. So he is being tube feed formula for the time being. He is stable, but in the way that makes me nervous if that makes any sense! Need him to gain an appetite! @themarigoldkittencrew  said.

Surprise! Hershey Kiss decided that drinking from a bottle was better than having a tube pushed down his throat every two hours. Good call, bud. You can see his corneal ulcer in this video. It makes his eye cloudy and may result in scarring, but he still has some vision in the eye! @themarigoldkittencrew  said

Hershey Kiss is so smol that he almost looks out-of-place wolfing down an entire plate of wet food. Always have to remind myself that he’s actually 5 weeks old—he’s got all the required teeth! He’s come so far from the little sick kitten that had to be tube fed for a week. ♥️ @themarigoldkittencrew  said.

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