Meet kitten mum to be Lillian who has just arrived and is feeling a little unsure of herself-not that you can tell from this clip.

Meet kitten mum to be Lillian who has just arrived and is feeling a little unsure of herself – not that you can tell from this clip.

Do you think I’ll like it here? 

Meet mum to be Lillian who has just arrived and is feeling a little unsure of herself – not that you can tell from this clip.

As Sage was a bit stressed out by all our construction noises and kitties the shelter found her a quieter less cat filled foster home to go to instead.

So we said an early goodbye last night while she still has plenty of time to settle into her new foster home before her kittens arrive.

We picked up Lillian at the same time and our new girl is finding it a little strange being in a room that probably still smells a lot like Sage.

But hopefully she’ll settle in quickly and realise she and her future babies will be safe here 

So please wish Sage well and welcome Lillian to the family  @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Purring through gritted teeth 

Cute mum to be Lillian is feeling and sounding far better after a week on meds and has rediscovered her playful nature while she waits for her babies.

I couldn’t convince her that if she let go I could make her toy more interesting to play with and in the end she wrestled it off of and ran off with it.

So far there’s still no sign she’s in a rush to give birth but it’s nice to see her in a happy and playful mood while she waits.

Happy whisker Wednesday  @nxxbliss.fosters said.

Yesterday she was even brave enough to climb the scratching pole up to the window shelf to stalk a fly.

I was a bit nervous about the pole holding her and she pushed the shelf (which can be collapsed down to stop fosters ) away far more than I’d like when she got up.

But I was able to move it and her back in place and she seemed to like being up there.

She even enjoyed spying on the neighbours. So I’m hoping she’ll used it again to make her wait a bit more fun.

I’m guessing the kittens will be here in the next few days, what do you think?

Happy Friday furends  @nxxbliss.fosters said.

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