Meet Massive Moggie Garfield Takes The Title Of World’s Fattest Cat

Sponge Bob, who weighed a svelte, relatively speaking, 39 pounds, was easily squeezed by Garfield, a cat from New York who weighs about 40 pounds and has been labeled the fattest cat in the world.

The overweight cat was adopted by the Port Washington-based animal welfare shelter North Shore Animal League America – an adoption organization after his owner (ᴅɪᴇᴅ). The organization, which released photographs of Garfield on its official Facebook page, said Garfield was as lazy as his cartoon namesake.

According to the adoption group, “At nearly 40 pounds, Garfield just might just be the fattest cat on the planet, and he’s becoming a media sensation, much like the comic character whose name he carries.” But they did note that the size of the animal was not something to be praised. The health of an overweight animal may suffer, according to vets.

“Just like with humans, too much weight can cause serious health problems. It leads to diabetes, heart disease, joint, bone and ligament damage, high blood pressure, intolerance to heat, and more,” Mark Verdino, Vice President and Chief of Veterinary Staff at North Shore Animal League America, said.

Garfield has been put on a low-calorie diet and is under extensive care.

” That poor cat! I’m glad that they took it away from its owner and are helping it to lose weight and get back to being healthy. I hope Garfield does well on the diet and doesn’t (ᴘᴀss ᴀᴡᴀʏ) before he gets to live a better life. He’s a precious cat and I’m glad they are helping him. He may not like going on a diet but it will save his life. “

The organization is trying to help Garfield shed those extra pounds before they can find him a new owner.

However, even without special treatment, Garfield has managed to shed an incredible 1.5lbs since May – and has almost completely conquered his kibble addiction, now opting for wet, grain-free, low-fat cat food.

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