Meet Rexie, The Disabled Cat That Won’t Let His Problem Stop Him From Being Hilariously Cute

We live in such a callous world, where people get mistreated for being different, and even presidents poke fun at people with disabilities. But one cat proves that you can push through all the negativity and come out strong. Meet Rexie, an Instagram famous cat with a broken backbone. Rexie used to belong to a family of brutes who mistreated him and left him paralyzed. Although he has since been adopted by a more loving and caring family, he still hasn’t gained control over his two hind legs. Despite this setback, Rexie still has a very lively and enthusiastic personality., that resonates throughout his adorable pictures and made him go viral on Instagram. Despite the horrible past that led to his disability, he proved that the only real disability someone can have is a bad attitude. To see more of Rexie and his adorable facial expressions, you can visit his Facebook and Instagram.

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