Paralyzed Rescue Cat Drags Himself Around To Cuddle Sick Dogs At The Vet Clinic That Saved His Life

A vet clinic in Perm, Russia, employs the cutest nurse we’ve ever seen, and despite his devilish name, Lucifer the cat is an angel to the sick animals at the clinic.

According to Bored Panda, the black kitty injured his spine in an accident when he was young, leaving him paralyzed. He was rescued by the vets at the clinic, where he was loved and cared for and nursed back to health.

While his back legs are still paralyzed, Lucifer has learned how to drag himself around the clinic using his front paws. Now, he’s using his second shot at life to bring comfort to the other patients at the clinic.

Lucifer cuddles up to the furry patients to make them feel safe and loved. His presence calms them down and gives them love and comfort when they need it the most.

But Lucifer doesn’t only give them his love and time. He’s also donated blood to a number of sick kitties.

All the clients love Lucifer, and the staff has started featuring their furry star-nurse in advertisements for the clinic.

Lucifer’s important work is also featured on their Instagram. We’ve picked out our favourite pictures of the cuddly hero. Check them out below.

Lucifer lost the use of his back legs when he was just a young kitty.

The clinic saved his life, and now he’s passing it forward by comforting the patients that come to the facility.

Lucifer knows what it feels like to be sick and in need of some love and care.

He keeps a watchful eye on the patients, making sure that everyone is taken care of.

He treats everyone the same. Dog or cat, big or small.

He’s learned how to get around the clinic using his front legs.

And his coworkers help him reach any extra tricky places.

He’s truly a kitty worthy of a crown!

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