Random Cat Continues To Enter Police Station And Hang Out With Officers

This cunning cat has a very simple method for getting precisely what he wants, much like some furry, bewhiskered magician.

His use of charms is magical.

Officers from South Carolina’s Columbia Police Department discovered the cat after he showed up outside their station one weekend last month. Rather than let his presence be known in a coy sort of manner, as is often the approach among felines, this random kitty went ahead and made himself the undeniable center of attention — by sneaking inside to demand affection.

And who could say no to that?

Despite him being an uninvited visitor, cops at the station quickly fell under the cat’s spell.

Before long, he’d even commandeered a lap.

Meanwhile, yet another cop took a photo of that.

The cat’s plan was obviously working.

Montgomery is the first to concede that, had it been Kingsley’s big plan all along, he pulled it off brilliantly. However, we will never know for sure if that was the case when he initially showed up outside the police station.

He responded, “It worked out for him. It certainly turned out well.

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