Red Cat Is Overjoyed Since She Was Able To Save Her Babies Just In Time

A ginger cat and her four kittens are in perilous circumstances. They were saved barely in time by Sparkle Cat Rescue, an all-volunteer organization in Burlington, North Carolina.

“They came from a trailer park in Whitsett, North Carolina,” says the narrator. Someone not associated with Sparkle Cat Rescue trapped all five and brought them to the clinic,” said Stephanie Grantham, co-founder and chief executive of the organization.

“We were informed the kittens were in risk of being put down because the mother cat would be returned to the owners as soon as it was discovered who it belonged to.”

Meanwhile, the kittens were treated with reverence by the cat, who refused to let them out of her sight. “She adores her children and is devoted to them.”

Christy, a volunteer with Sparkle Cat Rescue, is on a rescue mission with foster mom Sarah Kelly coming to the rescue . “The kittens had a cold, and one of the white ones felt worse than all the others,” Stephanie says.

The mother cat was able to relax, apparently for the first time in a long time. She lay down with the kittens, as if she realized that they were all in good hands.

Woolen balls warmed up in their new bed and began to wash down the stress with their mother’s milk.

“They were finally able to spend the night warm and safe with a humidifier on, after doses of antibiotics, lysine and eye salve,” says Sarah.

The vigilant mother kept the children close and did not allow herself to leave even for a second.

“I’ve never had a mother who was that serious. She lets me care for the kittens, but when I weigh them, she watches at me closely and growls. Apart from that, she purrs and fawns,” Sarah explains. “What matters is that they are all warm, full, and safe.”

The tiniest of the brood, the kitten-girl, turned out to be a warrior. Despite having the worst case of cat flu, she never gave up, surviving the first night and fighting on.

“The smallest girl is very assertive, now her fight is still going on, therefore, ours too,” Sarah adds. Her eyes are already looking better, but they are still far from full recovery. We are in close contact with our veterinarian and are doing everything possible to ensure that this family recovers and feels comfortable.”

The mother cat is happy that her kittens are safe. She constantly hugs them so that they do not forget that they are loved.

“This woman is devoted to her children. What would have happened to them if Sparkle Cat had refused to adopt them hurts my heart. In comparison to where she came from, she now lives in a castle,” Stephanie explains.

“We were able to offer this family a chance at life because to our great caregivers and sponsors,” says the top comment. We’ll make sure they’re well cared for and placed in excellent homes so they don’t have to worry about being homeless or hungry again.”

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