Rest In Peace little kitten Scrabble 1. You took a piece of my heart with you.

Scrabble and Clue are the cutest but also THE messiest kittens. These boys have had mystery diarrhea for a week, struggle with suckling behaviors both on each other and on themselves, and require 2-3 baths a day. Their saving grace is their good appetite and strong will, but fluids, probiotics, and medications also help.

They are separated unless monitored, but the self-suckling behavior is presenting as a challenge to manage. Scrabble has managed to wriggle out of socks and kitten sweaters. Kitten rescuers…send me your tips!

This little man gets to go into the vet tomorrow for two things:

1. Weeks ago when he was a crusty, sick kitten found outside he had a horrific self-suckling issue that I managed to stop with sock outfits and paper plate cones. He had baths 2-3 times a day while we figured this out. Well, the suckling caused an injury before I could stop it and here we are weeks later dealing with scar tissue that is making it difficult to pee.

2. His two front paw pads are scabbed and blistered for an unknown reason. Back paw pads are fine. Only thing I can think of is a reaction to the clay non-clumping litter he’s been using. So we switched to paper but he’s still getting checked out to make sure it’s healing ok.

So that’s the Scrabble update—there will be another when the vet looks at him tomorrow! Good news is, he has no idea anything is wrong with him and is still a goofy kid. Just gotta get him over these last couple hurdles. #hotmessexpress

I am absolutely crushed. What was suppose to be an exam and potential scar tissue removal ended in a discovery that Scrabble’s entire urinary tract was scarred to a devastating and unfixable point. After discussing options, our vet team decided there was no way to move forward that would give him a quality of life. He was euthanized.

I had not posted much of Scrabble and Clue because they had been surrendered in heartbreaking condition—emaciated, sick, covered in urine and fecal matter from suckling that had happened in their previous home. I fought and they fought so hard to get to a healthy place. To have it end this way is beyond devastating. His brother, Clue, is going in on Monday to make sure he isn’t suffering urethral stricture as well—I am afraid for him.

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