Shelter Discovers Senior Cat Is Actually 21 Years Old

The New Hampshire SPCA (NHSPCA) took in Princess Tigger after her owner passed away and swiftly assisted her in adjusting to shelter life. The staff was aware of how upsetting it must have been for her to be abruptly taken away from her lifetime residence. Although they were first unsure of her actual age, they were certain that she was older than average.

They contacted the firm after learning she had a microchip to learn more about her, and they were startled to realize that Princess Tigger was actually 21 years old.

Everyone knew she was a senior, but no one would have guessed she was that old. As soon as the shelter learned that the sweet cat had been around for over two decades, it became even more important to get her adopted as soon as possible, so she could enter a loving home to enjoy the rest of her golden years.

Princess Tigger has a few medical issues that the staff discovered when she first arrived, and knowing her age now, it all makes a little more sense.

Kelly Marinel, manager of animal care at the NHSPCA, told The Dodo, “She was emaciated and drank plenty of water when she came in, and we discovered that she has hyperthyroid – for which she is currently being treated.” She had stiffness in her rear legs, but after starting to take a joint supplement called Cosequin, she has improved and feels more at ease. She also developed a UTI, which was successfully addressed.

Even though everyone at the shelter loves her and she’s fairly comfortable and settled, getting her adopted as quickly as possible is super important. Because of her age, Princess Tigger is much more susceptible to getting sick, so getting out of the shelter and into a loving home is the best thing for her.

Princess Tigger doesn’t like cats very well, but she gets along with dogs as long as they respect her personal space. She requires a family that can take care of her medical requirements, but other from that, all she really wants is a family who will take in a loving senior cat and care for her for the remainder of her days.

Senior dogs are incredibly appreciative when they go into a retirement home, like Princess Tigger, and they still have lots of love to share, according to Marinel.

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