Stray Carousel Kitten In Mall Goes Round-And-Round With Rescuers Before Finally Being Saved

Well actually, it began in the parking lot of the mall to be honest. We at the Cole and Marmalade family have worked closely with mall management on a few past projects. We’ve happily been able to co-host adoption events at the Big Cat Rescue Virtual Reality Zoo within the mall. And of course, have met many amazing animal loving people in the process.

I went for two nights and looked everywhere but only ever saw the other resident community cats.

This food court has something a bit special though. Centered just next to it, sits a hand painted carousel with more than 30 animals, chariots and spinning teacups. This day however, it gained another animal–a frightened kitten who’d chosen to hide underneath the massive machine.

Luckily a local rescuer was heading to the BCR AR Zoo in the mall. Eliminating the need for Chris to be the middle man, she was able to take the kitten into foster care right then. It’s always a blessing when the terrified cats can be transferred minimal times, lessening an already stressful situation.

The young ginger kitten turned out to be about 3-months-old and was a female which is also very rare. But really, she did run into the mall so chances were it wasn’t a male….just kidding!

Merry joined their family on September 17th, 2019 and we couldn’t be happier for them all! 

On day one of rescue she was purring and making biscuits, and now follows her humans from room to room.

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