The Kitten Stays On The Balcony Of A House And Becomes Dearer To The Family

A little tabby kitten chose to make itself at home beneath the porch after appearing out of the blue in a family’s backyard. The cat required emergency medical care because of his ill health, scabbed-over eyes, and breathing difficulties.

After failing to apprehend the young kid, the family’s father sought assistance from a nearby animal shelter. The kitten was caught, towel-wrapped, and sent to safety after a volunteer at the shelter responded to the call.

After that, the kitten was brought to Chatons Orphelins Montréal so that a veterinarian could examine it and offer it some much-needed treatment.

The kitten named Mabrouk was finally in good hands and could recover from all his troubles in the comfort of a foster home.

Shelter member Celine Crom told:

“He was just 10 weeks old and quite sick. He was having trouble breathing and he was prescribed antibiotics, I think he knew he needed help and that’s why he went to the backyard that day.”

Mabrouk has been thrilled with his new family since getting to his foster home and all he wanted was for them to show him love and attention.

The adorable kitty, whenever he could, sought out his humans’ cozy laps, where he would curl up and be held at all times. He turned on his back for them to touch his tummy while he recovered from his sicknesses, wanting them to stay at his side constantly.

Mabrouk was becoming a very affectionate cat and was making it clear to his family that he never wanted to be alone again. In a few days he regained the strength in his legs and began to explore his house and chase all his caregivers as if he were a shadow.

He developed into a skilled supervisor and enjoys following after his peers. He also serves as his foster mom’s personal assistant when she is at work.

Celine continued:

This teddy bear has developed much since he first came and is interested about everything.

So that he would always have a cat companion to play and share with, the mother made the decision to introduce him to Rubbix, her resident cat. Both kittens got along well right away and started chasing and fighting one other as if they had known each other their entire lives.

Thanks to all the care and his adorable feline friend, Mabrouk is thriving amazingly and growing by leaps and bounds. The former homeless kitty has come a long way despite his age, but with everyone’s help he transformed into a beautiful tabby cat.

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