These Rescued Blind Kittens Show They Can’t Live Without Each Other

As a cat parent to 7 cats, I can assure you that being a cat paw-rent is a lifetime commitment, and not an easy task. However, being a cat parent to a disabled kitten or kittens is even harder; that’s a role that needs to be taken seriously.

Most people avoid adopting disabled kittens thinking that they cannot do it, and Nicole from the video below was once one of them. However, something deep inside her told her to adopt these two disabled kittens, even though she was doubting herself.

“The first day when I brought them home, I honestly thought I couldn’t do it.”

When she rescued and brought home these beautiful ginger boys, they were around four weeks old and their eyes were badly infected. I’d say that these two boys were very lucky, because their owner was heartbroken and decided to fight for them. 

The furry boys are called George and Hamilton and they have proved that they don’t need vision to have a happy life. Most blind cats adapt very well to the loss of sight, thanks to their remarkable senses. 

So, just like any other kittens, George and Hammy were playful, curious, and always on their exploring mission. During playtimes, their owner even noticed that they can easily move around their environment.

“Their demeanor was incredible. You would never know that they were blind.”

Despite their blindness, they were playful and knew how to escape their playpen. They would climb on top of the cat tree, and they even found a way to get down successfully.

It’s sweet that they would climb down their cat tree backwards and they would even produce short squeaky sounds as though they were letting everyone know they’re coming down.

Nicole said: “I was scared that they were going to get hurt. Obviously I was wrong ‘cause they’re so smart.”

The most adorable thing is the connection between these two brothers. They adore being in each other’s company, and they even found a way to locate each other. 

“They do this cute little chirping meow to find each other. I call it echo locating.” 

“They’ve changed my life forever.” 

George and Hammy might be blind but their spirit isn’t lacking for sure. Therefore, I’m sure that they’re being taken good care of, thanks to their owner Nicole, and that all of them will continue changing each other’s lives and making them even better.

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