This crusty lil man came into @andersonhumane after being found (this kitten) starving and dehydrated in a warehouse container. He’s about 5 weeks and half the weight he should be.

This crusty lil man came into @andersonhumane after being found (this kitten) starving and dehydrated in a warehouse container. He’s about 5 weeks and half the weight he should be. We don’t know where mom is or how long he’d been alone, but I do know he’s got a big personality and a fighting spirit. Gonna work on fixing this kid up (starting with SQ fluids and eye meds).

Ghoul says hello and hopes you had a good Monday. On a good note, his eyes have been looking better! On a less-good note he’s struggling to maintain a good hydration status and has been dealing with some constipation. His appetite is also on-and-off, but @tikipets sent us a whole box of fun things and he’s really digging the kitten mousse (fun videos of that to come).

Sooo basically he’s on like three medications and supplements but this is expected. Baby cats don’t just go without food and water for over a day and walk out untouched. Waiting for his magical turn-around moment! @themarigoldkittencrew said.

Ghoul update: still adorable, has unlocked personality traits.

Now that he’s feeling a lot better and has energy to act like a normal kitten, Ghoul has found his voice, knows his favorite food, is slightly interested in toys, and…he purrs! Yay! He’s a sweet little thing. @themarigoldkittencrew said.

Dropped Ghoul off at the shelter for the weekend while I travel out of state to visit a family member. He’s got a big fan club and a lot of treats awaiting him! See you on Sunday buddy! @themarigoldkittencrew said.

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