This Puppy Protected And Watched Over A Small Kitten Until They Were Rescued Together

Angela Ward was at the Hampton Soccer Park soccer field in Hampton, Virginia, when she noticed two defenseless creatures huddled up on the grass between two portable toilets; it was a Chihuahua puppy caring for a little cat.

The mom, her daughter Madison, and her friend Kristin Schultz decided to seek assistance and posted the issue and its location on the social network Nextdoor. That’s how a few animal lovers responded to the call and raced to the location.

According to The Dodo, when the recatistas came, the two-year-old Chihuahua didn’t want to leave the kitten alone.

On social media, one of the rescuers wrote:

“Totally united… the dog growls if we get too close, so we have notified animal control and are waiting for them. Three of us are watching right now.”

The dog’s name was Gomez, and the cat’s name was Morticia. Both were transported to the veterinarian for medical treatment. They were later taken to a local shelter, and a photo of both was posted on the Lost and Found Pets Facebook page in Hampton Roads, VA, in the hopes that their family would show up, but they did not.

aver of Souls Pet Rescue director Turkan Ertugrul stated:

“They appeared terrified in the photograph. We prefer the scared because they don’t understand when you’re attempting to assist them.”

Turkan couldn’t stop thinking about these two pals, especially when dogs and cats are separated in shelters.

Turkan stated:

“Most shelters prohibit bringing dogs and cats together for safety reasons, so we expected them to be separated. Their suffering kept us awake at night, wondering how they were connected to one another.”

Turkan was aware that they should remain together for their psychological health, but she was also afraid that a family would not be assured to be interested in adopting them together.

Turkan stated:

“Most shelters are unable to have peers adopted together.”

Fortunately, the shelter personnel did not want to separate Gomez and Morticia, so they agreed to do playdates in a conference room instead, and they are now in a foster family.

Turkan stated:

“[Gomez] originally raced to the black foster cats, assuming one of them was Morticia, and you could feel her regret when she discovered they weren’t. When he first meets someone, Gomez is shy, but he quickly gains confidence. When Morticia is close, it truly opens up. They are both happier and more open when they are together than when they meet people individually.”

Both will be ready to find a permanent home that will provide them with the love they deserve once they have been neutered and sterilized.


Gomez and Morticia were adopted together and are now living happily ever after.

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