This update and the B/W photo is not one I ever want to have to share. 1 Tiny cat, who was officially named Rue, passed away overnight.

This update and the B/W photo is not one I ever want to have to share. 1 Tiny cat, who was officially named Rue, passed away overnight.

I have been quiet here as I acquired a new project that is taking up lots of my time. This kitten weighs in at 180 grams. That would be good news if she were a one week old, but she is instead approaching 8 weeks.

This little girl was brought into the shelter in a tiny lunch box. The woman who brought her had been fostering a mom and kittens for a friend who’d lost their home, but sought out help once the “runt” stopped eating.

What I was not expecting was an emaciated kitten with pale gums and a low temp. Her third eyelids obstructing some of her vision—either caused by infection or just an overall feeling of being unwell.

Other than all the basic emergency supportive care, I have been introducing a formula diluted with pedialyte every few hours. She is old enough for wet food, but she isn’t a fan and I don’t want to shock her system. So the formula is how she gets her calories right now.

There is something clearly very wrong and whether it is congenital, illness, or starvation she will need to fight hard to overcome it

**all treatments described are provided under the guidance of veterinary professionals @themarigoldkittencrew said.

Little kitten is hanging in there. As noted in my story a couple of days ago, she’s on some meds to help with diarrhea and thankfully they seem to be working. She drank some water on her own yesterday, but still no interest in food. After a weight drop, I have opted to tube feed her instead of using the syringe. It allows me to make sure she is getting the exact amount of food she needs instead of fighting her on it after only 4mLs.

Her vet is researching different congenital diseases that may be causing her issues with gaining weight and growing. Unfortunately she is far too small for a blood collection so we are unable to do bloodwork yet. The goal right now is to keep her alive and get her to gain weight.

This marks week one of having her. I was hoping for a lot more improvement by now, but I can only be thankful she is alive. #takingitdaybyday @themarigoldkittencrew said.

This update and the B/W photo is not one I ever want to have to share. Tiny cat, who was officially named Rue, passed away overnight.

So much was done to save her and yet I do not believe there was anything that could. Something inside her wasn’t working properly. Although we had hoped she would get big enough for us to figure it out, sometimes all we can give them is a fighting chance and a whole lotta love, warm, good food, and cozy blankets in the short time they’re here. She can rest now, no more struggling to survive.

One of the hardest things, apart from saying goodbye, is cleaning up. Wiping their weight and medication charts from the white board, pouring out the formula, cleaning out the incubator, boiling their feeding tubes and syringes, cleaning their blankets and stuffed animals…a process I wish kitten rescuers didn’t have to be so familiar with this year. Thank you to everyone who donated in her honor, messaged me, and commented under her photos.

Rest peacefully Rue. @themarigoldkittencrew said.

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