Three-Legged Stray Cat Spent 9 Winters Outside Now Has His Own Fireplace

Nine years ago, a stray three-legged ginger kitty walked into a man’s kitchen asking to be loved. That was the day that a wonderful friendship was born between a kind man and a three-legged cat.

This is the heart wrenching story of Bubby!

This kitty began to show up more frequently and loved to play with the man’s cat Seson. Even after Seson had passed,  the cat continued to visit the man.

Being a stray, this kitty didn’t really trust humans, except for this kind cat loving man named Boyd. His visits grew longer and he claimed a chair for his own, Boyd decided to name him Bubby.

Boyd now felt the Bubby was his own cat and even though he wanted this kitty to stay with him, Bubby always demanded to go back outside, a part of his old life that he couldn’t let go.

Sadly when Boyd passed away, Bubby only visited the house once and did not return. Boyd’s family would put food out hoping to lure him back, but when they returned the food was always left untouched.

So nobody had seen Bubby for two years and everyone feared the worse until one day he appeared and was spotted by the neighbour, Ray. He could see that age was not on Bubby’s side, so he set out with a plan to try and trap him.

For two months he tried but Bubby resisted, Ray was worried about him as the weather turned and there was constant snow storms. He pleaded with the lady that now lived in Boyd’s house to look out for Bubby, and to let him into the house if she saw him.

The next day Ray received a phone call, Bubby had indeed entered the house. Ray rushed over and saw Bubby was in a bad way and so rushed him to the vet.

He was cared for and then taken to the shelter to begin his road to recovery and that’s where he met Sarah. As soon as she saw him and looked into his eyes she knew that she wanted to take care of this kitty.

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