Two men were fishing when a small kitten interrupted them. now he has a beautiful house and, no doubt, many fish.

A little fluffy flew up to the man who was fishing on the lake, loudly announcing himself.

Who would put up their hand to shoo such a darling away?

Jason was very surprised when a small meowing creature suddenly jumped up to him. A fur ball climbed onto his bag, urgently asking for help.

“My friend and I were fishing when she showed up. She crossed two lanes of a country road to get to the side of the street where we were sitting, ” says Jason.

They later found another kitten, apparently her brother. The fishermen suggested that the children were abandoned by their mother. “They are too young to be independent.”

The men could not leave the kittens in danger, so they picked them up and went home.

Thus, two abandoned cubs set off on their quest for a new life.

The gray kitten developed feelings for Jason and began to follow him around as a baby duck does its mother. After the man brought his new girlfriend home, another family instantly adopted her brother.

She froze in his arms as soon as he scooped up the infant and refused to let go.

In an effort to receive the touch that she so desperately needed, she clutched to her Savior.

At home, the little cat was filled with gratitude – finally, someone took care of her! She did not complain even while bathing.

“Now she is in great shape, eats like a champion, has already mastered the tray well. We cleaned it of parasites on our own. Because she is still too young and small, it is not safe to use flea medicines, ”Jason shares.

Since no one was willing to adopt the baby for 24 hours, my wife and I made the decision to keep her.

Although he didn’t catch many fish that day, the man did bring home a rescued kitten.

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